Youth Camp Playground

Hamilton Downs
Hamilton Downs Youth Camp
Time Line
3 weeks

This project was for the Hamilton Downs Youth Camp located 80km north west of Alice Springs. The youth camp offers outdoor experiences to a wide range of clientele from across Australia; namely schools. The project consisted of the supply and installation of a large rope climbing playground - catering for children from ages 5 to 13 years.

This was our fourth remote project in a row which made the logistics quite difficult. We had to purchase additional tools and equipment so there was no delay on the commencement of this project. The camp is over 1hr from Alice Springs and so running into town for supplies everyday wasn't really an option. We had to ensure we had all the tools and materials we required to complete the job. The amenities were heritage listed, in excellent condition and well received by our staff.

Throughout the excavation process we encountered rock. We immediately engaged a contractor from Alice Springs with a 20t excavator to excavate the pad and another contractor with a rock breaker to excavate the footings.

The playground was constructed on time and received with great enthusiasm. It is a great experience when clients are so excited about their new playgrounds. Our staff thoroughly enjoyed working at Hamilton Downs.