The Dry Season may bring with it endless days of blue skies and sunshine, but have you considered the impact of seven months without rainfall on the landscape?

It’s a predicament that many Territorians face and can be solved with a well-designed and maintained irrigation system. Along with the benefit of preventing your outdoor landscape turning to dust, investing in irrigation will prevent water wastage and can have long term financial benefits. Ed and his team supply, install and maintain systems across the Territory for public and private sector clients as well as residential homes. When determining the best system for you Hardy Landscaping will calculate the flow rate and pressure from your water source before providing information on the best design to suit your needs, those of the environment and your budget.

Our Service

Our aim is to provide Territorians irrigation solutions with long term financial and conservation benefits. Ed and the team have the know-how and skills to handle the full spectrum of irrigation work including the design, supply, installation and maintenance of systems across both city and remote Northern Territory.

Design and Install

The irrigation design process considers up to seven critical factors:

  1. Soil type
  2. Land topography
  3. Climate
  4. Types of softscaping
  5. Water quality
  6. Water source (flow rate and pressure)
  7. Budget

The professionals at Hardy Landscaping will use these to develop a bespoke irrigation solution to fit your purpose before rolling out a full installation.

Invest Wisely from the Start

It can be tempting to find ways to cut costs during the initial installation process, however investing in quality parts and an expert to assist with design and installation will help prevent costly repairs and ensure long term benefits and water savings that far outweigh any quick-fix solutions. Working with a team of professionals like Hardy Landscaping also provides you the opportunity to take advantage of their supplier relationships; rewards and savings which are passed straight on to you.