Pee Wees at the Point

East Point
Pee Wees at the Point
Time Line
5 weeks

Hardy Landscaping was engaged to overhaul the landscaping of this iconic Darwin restaurant. The original project scope included earthworks, landscaping, and irrigation.

Working on this picturesque site was an honour and our whole team (2 supervisors and 6 labourers) dedicated their passion and worked with gusto.  During the works, a fair number of setbacks were experienced.  Cyclone Marcus came through and caused havoc all over the city including the work site.  After clearing up the damage, the earthworks identified rocky ground which had to be hauled out and backfilled with 400 tonnes of clean fill which was not allowed for in the pricing.  In addition to this Hardy Landscaping was requested by the client to provide new stairways, new gardens, steel retaining walls, and pointed stonework.  We were happy to accommodate the client to achieve his vision.

Another addition to the challenges experienced with this project was the fact this site was a heritage listed site.  Great care and consideration were applied and consultation with the authorities provide guidance towards an excellent outcome for all parties involved.

The project required variations to be applied for additional work and time.  The client was happy to make the allowances to incorporate the changes in scope and extensions in time for the scope and cyclone damage period.  Considering the allowances for the variations the project was completed and delivered on time and budget.

Site safety and WHS were diligently applied and the project was completed without any incidents.