NTRU Irrigation

Norther Territory Rugby Union
Time Line
10 days

Hardy Landscaping has been servicing NT Rugby Union for over 5 years. We have repaired a significant amount of irrigation leaks due to the 30+ year old system! We were the successful tenderer awarded to replace the existing irrigation system. The install was required to be completed ahead of the commencement of the upcoming NTRU season.

We engaged sub-contractors to perform cable locations and the excavation of the trenches. The project called for usage of large commercial pipe, so we were unable to use our own machinery to complete the install in the correct manner. This meant bringing in a sub-contractor so the trenches were 300-400mm wide and 600mm deep.

We backfilled the trenches with sand, then installed the pipe and installed more sand on top of the pipe. Any excess soil was disposed of appropriately onsite and the trenches were top dressed 2 weeks after completion.