Elcho Playground

Elcho Island
Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics
Time Line

This project for Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics consisted of the supply and installation of a solid shade structure and playground at Shepherdson College on Elcho Island. The new equipment was required to cater for children from ages 5 to 13 years.


This was our third remote contract in a row which made the logistics challenging. To overcome this, we purchased additional tools and equipment so there was no delay on the commencement of this project. There are few resources on Elcho Island so we had to freight a substantial amount of equipment and material to the island. In total, we barged 25 bulka bags, 27 pallets, 2 rubber mixers plus our own vehicle and machine. The Marthakal Motel offered the accommodation on the island. The amenities we in excellent condition and well received by our staff.

Upon our arrival we were collected by Vah (from Marthakal) and taken for a quick tour of Galiwin’ku. We then met the Shepherdson College principal, Joe, and discussed the layout and orientation of the playground.


Upon our arrival we confirmed the exact location of the playground with the principal and erected the temporary fence. Set out and excavations were next and thankfully the earthworks went very smoothly. We expected to encounter some rock and hard digging so it was welcomed when all our footings were completed early.

We had a nervous day when we were told that the machinery we required to erect the pergola was no longer on the island! There were some mad phone calls and exorbitant quotes supplied to arrange the required machinery to be barged to Elcho Island. Thankfully, there were other contractors working at Galiwin’ku who had the machinery we required. They were able to deliver it to site and we then quickly erected the roof of the pergola.

Both the playground and shade structure were constructed on time. We had a sub-contractor on site who delivered the concrete package and assisted us with the lay of the rubber soft fall. This was a great help and sped up the process.

Our staff thoroughly enjoyed working at Elcho Island. We visited the local arts centre and purchased a piece of art to take home.

Despite the challenges with providing goods and services to a remotely located site, the project was completed and delivered on time and budget. Site safety and WHS were applied on site and the project was completed without any incidents.