Pool Paving

Lambells Lagoon
Johns Lyng
Time Line
5 days

As a preferred contractor Hardy Landscaping was invited to price a job that is not often encountered. The back fill around a swimming pool had collapsed and as a result the pavers had dropped resulting in the area being unusable. The pool actually flexed inwards as you can see in the photos. Ample consideration was given to the fragility of the pool. We were extremely cautious not to over fill either side of the pool shell whilst stabilising the pool (with water or stabilised sand.) Fibreglass pools are flexible and we didn’t want to ‘pop’ the pool while there was not support.

We encountered some issues along the way. Because the backfill had sunk the pool lighting had been dislodged and damaged. We had to install new lights, conduit and cable.

Both our client and the end client were extremely satisfied with our efficiency and quality of work.